The Engine Shed Society specialises in the interests of enthusiasts for all  aspects of sheds and related structures.

Our scope covers those places which are, or have been used, for the construction, maintenance or stabling of any rail borne transport.  We are interested in the current scene, historical and heritage matters. This remit includes the provision of the transport service as well as the infrastructure.

Members receive a quarterly journal LINK, access to the Society's archive of photographs, plans, maps and site records, and can attend an annual meeting which often features a location not normally open to the public.

In its early days the ESS focused primarily, but not exclusively, on the then neglected task of recording the fate of the former steam sheds of BR and its predecessors. A great deal has been achieved and documented in our journal LINK. The Society’s interests are now broader and include depot operations, public and private, as well as infrastructure for all types of rail traction. There is always more that can be recorded of these aspects of the current scene, or shared from personal historical records. We invite, and do our best to support, the participation of members in presenting information about the places which support rail borne transport.